Aussie Bird Count

Past Event

You’re invited to join in the 2022 Aussie Bird Count happening during National Bird Week, 17-23 October.


Make a difference for bird conservation by giving a moment of your time to count the birds that are counting on you. Participate in the Aussie Bird Count during Bird Week in October and use your observation skills for a 20-minute period to make a simple but important contribution to Birdlife Australia’s conservation initiatives. 


Each year people across the country head out to their front yards, backyards, courtyards, parks and play areas to count how many birds they see to provide a snapshot of Australia’s more common bird species. It’s a fun, simple and safe activity observing nature, which is proven to provide benefits to mental health and wellbeing.


Collecting this data at the same time each year allows us to look at the trends in our bird communities over time. Think of birds as a barometer for nature, as their health and wellbeing is one of nature’s best indicators. 


Download the Aussie Bird Count app and get involved or learn more at  

And join the flock for Australia’s largest citizen science project – Aussie Bird Count.  The Shire of Upper Gascoyne will receive a report on all of the birds counted in the Shire within this time frame.  So let's get to it and see what birds are in our backyard.

Event Date(s)

  • Monday 17th October 2022

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