Gascoyne Junction Automated Weather Station

Published on Monday, 22 November 2021 at 12:03:53 PM

Last week DFES installed a Portable Automated Weather Station in Gascoyne Junction.  

What does this mean?

Every 10 minutes or so the Portable Weather Station uploads current weather data and we can then view it online.  We are still taking a daily weather reading on the manual system at 9am too, but you can get accurate updates on the weather in Gascoyne Junction throughout the day.

How you ask?

The information is available in two places.

The name of the weather station at Gascoyne Junction is:  DFES-A Portable (BTSA)

Option 1: 

A map of WA will appear on your screen.  

Click the dot on the map at Gascoyne Junction.  It is not named but is just above a large green land mass on the map. 

On the right hand side of your page will be the most recent reading with information including temperature, humidity, a feels like temperature, wind speed and rainfall.

Option 2: 

From the home page hover over WA in the top right corner

A drop down menu will appear

Select All WA Observations

A Table of the Latest Weather Observations for Western Australia will appear.  

Scroll to the bottom of the page where a table for Portable Weather Stations is located.

The Gascoyne Junction reading is for Portable BTSA (DFES) 

If you click on this you will be able to view a report of weather readings every 10 minutes.


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