Mount Augustus National Park (Burringurrah)

Mt Augustus National Park Worlds Biggest Rock Upper Gascoyne

Mount Augustus National Park, Western Australia is located approximately 300km north east of Gascoyne Junction and is known as Burringurrah by the local Wajarri Aboriginal people.  There are three routes that travellers can take from Gascoyne Junction to reach Mount Augustus varying from 288km to 317km.

Mount Augustus is one of the most spectacular solitary peaks and the world's largest monocline. It rises above a stoney, red sandplain of arid scrubland and is visible from the air for more than 160kms. The granite formation is about 8kms long, covers an area of 4,795 hectares and is estimated to be 1,750 million years old.

The area around Mount Augustus is the traditional lands of the Wajarri tribe. Burringurrah is the Wajarri name for Mount Augustus. Aboriginal habitation is evident by the engravings on rock walls at Mundee, Ooramboo and Beedoboondu visitor sites.

Francis Thomas Gregory was the first non-indigenous person to climb to the summit on 3rd June 1858 during his epic 107 day journey through the Gascoyne region. Some weeks later he named the peak after his brother, Augustus Charles Gregory, later Sir Augustus (1819 - 1905).

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