Outback Night Skies

Experience Magical Night Skies

The stars shine brightly across the Upper Gascoyne.  With low levels of light pollution, the stars seem to leap out of the sky and the Milk Way seems so close that you can reach out and touch it. Have you seen the Emu in the Sky?  

The Shire hosts stargazing activities throughout the year where you can discover the night sky and learn indigenous stories including the Emu in the Sky.  Visit our events calendar to find out about upcoming events.

Gascoyne Junction Night Sky Waterhole Upper Gascoyne Astrotourism

Gascoyne Junction - Astrotourism Town

The Shire of Upper Gascoyne is proud to be an Astrotourism town as a part of Astrotourism WA.  For astronomers and astrophotographers a wander outback in the Upper Gascoyne will provide an abundance of dark skies to enjoy. 

The Shire of Upper Gascoyne has worked closely with Astrotourism WA to build a trail across the Shire to make the most of your stargazing experience.  For those starting their Wander Outback in Gascoyne Junction, we suggest packing up the telescope and camera gear and heading to the Waterhole to watch the stars dance across the night sky.  

For more information on Gascoyne Junction's Astronomy and Dark Sky Tourism Experiences CLICK HERE

Looking for an astrophotography HOTSPOT.  We have plenty!