Our airstrip lights run on a pilot activation system called PAALC consisting of:

  • 27 white lights along the edge of the runway
  • 18 blue LED lights around the taxiway and apron
  • 2 yellow lights at the taxiway hold point to runway
  • 4 green lights at outer thresholds of runway
  • 8 green/red lights at thresholds of the runway
  • an illuminated wind direction indicator and apron flood lights.

Under normal conditions the system is pilot activated by 3 long mike clicks on frequency 120.60MZ. The PAALC will then activate the runway lights, apron flood lighting and the windsock for 30 minutes, the PAALC will also transmit confimation that the lighting system is active or failed. During the last 10 minutes the windsock lights will flash until the PAALC switches the lights off, the lighting cycle can be restarted at any time by repeating the initial process of keying the mike 3 times on frequency 119.6MZ.


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