Where do I find more information?

Call 13 COVID or 13 26843

Visit the WA Government's webpage: COVID-19 Coronavirus: Managing COVID-19 (www.wa.gov.au) 

How can I prepare my home for COVID?

The WA Government Managing COVID Document provides an easy to follow guide on how to manage COVID from being prepared, having symptoms and how to deal with testing positive to COVID-19.  If you are still unclear or have questions please call 13 COVID (13 26843)

Open Managing COVID Booklet

The following resource provides a checklist of what you can to do to prepare a COVID Ready Kit for your household

Prepare a COVID Ready Kit

How to I get a test for COVID?

Rapid Antigen Tests are available to purchase from pharmacies.  The WA Government is providing free RAT tests and there is also a program from the Federal Government available to many concession card holders.  PCR testing is also available.


The WA Government is providing each household with 15 free Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT).  To register for these tests please follow the link below or call the CRC on 08 9943 0988 and we can assist you with this process. 

COVID-19 coronavirus: WA free RAT program (www.wa.gov.au)


To get free RATs you must hold one of these cards:

  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Low Income Health Care Card
  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold, White or Orange card

You need to show either your digital or physical card at your local community pharmacy.  Each card holder is entitled to 10 free RATs over a three month period with a maximum of 5 in a month. 


Residents seeking testing in regional areas where there isn't a COVID Clinic should go to a public hospital, health service or remote health clinic.   

Find out where to get tested in regional and remote areas of WA (PDF 894KB).

What happens if I test positive to COVID?

You will find a step by step guide in the following fact sheet:

I have COVID Fact Sheet

Any positive COVID test result MUST be registered online with the Department of Health.  If you do not have access to the online registration system you must still report your positive test result and can do so my contact 13 COVID (13 26843)

WA COVID Care At Home is a state funded service that delivers home monitoring care for COVID positive people who require it due to having risk factors which put them at greater risk of requiring hospitalisation.  Whilst it is a FREE service, you will need to register for this service. 

To help determine whether an individual would benefit from WA COVID Care at Home they must first have a positive COVID-19 test result.  Pre registration is not available.

Resource: Western Australia COVID-19 Resources - COVID Care at Home

FAQS: WA-COVID-Care-at-Home-FAQs.pdf (healthywa.wa.gov.au)

How do I take a Rapid Antigen Test?

For more information on how to take a Rapid Antigen Test please visit COVID-19 Coronavirus: Rapid Antigen Tests page.

Pulse Oximeters

The Shire has been provided with Pulse Oximeters by the WA Country Health Service.  These devices will assist if you become COVID 19 positive and need to be remotely monitored through the WA COVID Care at Home program.  The Shire will be distributing these to eligible households before the end of March.

Pulse Oximeters - What you need to know?

What are Pulse Oximeters?

What to do if COVID is in my community?

Listen to your community leaders, health service or COVID response team.  They will help to keep your community safe.  

There are simple steps that we can all take to keep our community safe.  You can read them here:

 What to do if COVID is in my community?