Published on Tuesday, 4 April 2023 at 11:22:12 AM

Road Trip Planning April 2023 in the Shire of Upper Gascoyne
The Shire advises travellers to reconsider their travel plans and take into account road closures.
The recent rain event has forced road closures due to river flows and road damage. The Shire is working as quick as they possibly can to reopen roads however some roads will potentially remain closed during the Easter and School holidays. Current road conditions can always be found at
The Upper Gascoyne is where the Lyons and Gascoyne Rivers meet and has 80,000 square kilometres of water catchment running into these rivers. With large rainfall in the catchment area, some recorded, some not, there is still water moving towards the coast and will continue to impact river levels over the coming weeks which could lead to further road closures. If our roads are closed, and you drive on them fines may be applied. The Shire has cameras mounted around the Shire to monitor for this. The roads are closed for driver safety, as unsealed roads become slippery quickly when wet, and fast moving waterways are impassable when flooded.
Gascoyne Junction is accessible to all vehicles on a fully sealed road from Carnarvon. Currently this is the only road open with access to Gascoyne Junction. Gascoyne Junction is hosting a range of activities from April 20 to April 30 for the Solar Eclipse with 90% coverage during the Solar Eclipse event. Visit for more details.
Kennedy Range National Park is accessible from Gascoyne Junction and from the NWCH on the Lyndon Creek Minnie Creek Road as the Lyons River water levels have dropped.  The river levels are fluctuating and we will continue to monitor to the river levels and may still temporarily close the road if levels reach dangerous levels.
Due to the Gascoyne River water levels, the River Crossing just north of the Carnarvon Mullewa Road is anticipated to be closed for 6 to 8 weeks to both north and south crossings. The river width, depth and flow of water makes the crossing impassable.
Mount Augustus National Park is no accessible from the NWCH from Lyndon Minne Creek Road or through Gascoyne Junction along the Ullawarra Road.   There is no access from Meekatharra, Pingandy or Murchison via Landor or Cobra Dairy Creek Road and this is likely to remain this way for 2 to 3 weeks.
The road is not suitable for towing at this stage, and is open to 4WD Light Vehicles only due to severe washouts on the Cobra Mount Augustus Road. The Shire is working tirelessly to gain access to the Mount for Easter either via the North West Coastal Highway via the Lyndon Minnie Creek Road or via Gascoyne Junction on the Ullawarra Road.   The Shier is working tirelessly to carry out temporary road works to minimise the impact of washouts.  Please drive to conditions. 
You can speak with the friendly team at the Junction Pub and Tourist Park in Gascoyne Junction on 08 9943 0868 who charge a small fee to leave vans in Gascoyne Junction whilst visiting the Mount. The Mount Augustus Tourist Park 08 9433 0527 has self contained cabins available. 
We thank you for your understanding.
Images: Mt Clere Station
Aerial Images of Gascoyne River in Eastern Upper Gascoyne

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