Something in the Stars

Published on Thursday, 18 February 2021 at 9:44:42 AM

Our friends at Astrotourism WA have reminded us that a spectacular view is in store for us all in the early evening of 19th February. The Moon appears in the north western sky and is flanked by two bright red objects. To the west of the Moon is Mars, and to the east is the star, Aldebaran. Just below the Moon is a tight cluster of stars, visible to the naked eye known as the Seven Sisters or Pleiades.
When to look: 7.15pm to 10pm, 19th February
Which direction to look: North western sky, approaching the western horizon by the end of the evening
The Seven Sisters go by many names around the world, including Japan where they are known as Subaru! The Subaru logo is based on the Seven Sisters cluster of stars.
We are so lucky to have clear skies to make the most of these spectacles.  

Image: @JarradSeng taken at Mt Augustus Tourist Park

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